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    Affordable Vehicles Under $10,000 for Sale in Fort Worth, TX

    Buying or leasing a new Hyundai is the right answer for some buyers. Sometimes, however, the most fun and interesting cars are less than $10,000. At Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth, we add new vehicles to our used inventory daily. You’ll always find a wide range of interesting automobiles. Those under $10k often have the most variety. 

    The Hiley family has been connecting Fort Worth area drivers with the right cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs since Randy started working for his uncle in Forth Worth back in 1967. With 14 dealerships in Alabama and Texas, we know how to spot the best pre-owned vehicles. Why should you consider buying a used vehicle under $10,000?


    Pay less for the automobile and you’ll pay less interest and tax. It’s simple but true. If you are financing some or all of this purchase, you’ll pay a lot more interest on a more expensive car. While you may be tempted by the lower percentage on a new car loan, always consider the interest you’ll pay over the full term. 

    You can’t drive sales tax, so buy as little as you have to. You surely don’t want to finance sales tax. A low-priced used car transaction comes with less tax especially when combined with a trade-in. You subtract the value of your trade before computing tax. 

    Remember to talk to your insurance agent before you make the purchase. You might pay less per month on insurance, too.


    Cars last longer these days. Decades ago, a car with 100,000 on the odometer was about to become expensive. Now you can trust most newer vehicles to drive well past 100k with regular maintenance. You can easily research if a car has a history of problems. Spending $10,000 on an automobile shouldn’t feel very risky.

    We all know how quickly a new car depreciates. That curve flattens over time. Many older cars don’t lose much value after another two to three years and 20-30,000 miles. You might sell the machine for nearly what you bought it for, especially if you take care of it.


    Do you want to modify the engine or personalize the appearance of your machine? Be sure to check your lease and/or warranty. You’ll probably violate the terms, which is why leasing or buying new might not be a good choice for those who like to work on their cars.

    Buying used, especially under $10,000, leaves you free to be creative. You’ll also save money for parts and upgrades.

    Upgrade Laterally

    When your life changes and you need a different vehicle, you don’t always need a more expensive one. Maybe you just need something spacious or economical. You might be surprised at what your current vehicle is worth. You might be able to trade it straight across for something better for you.

    Our inventory changes fast. Come visit us from around Plano, Colleyville, or Southlake. Talk to one of our advisors about what you’re driving and what you’d like to drive. We’ll make a great offer for your trade and find you a great deal on a used automobile.

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