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With all the advancements in automotive technology, it can be challenging to find a shadetree mechanic who has all of the equipment and the experience to keep your new car in tip-top shape. On the other hand, Hyundai dealerships such as Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth have technicians trained to understand every nuance of your vehicle’s drivetrain, electrical and computer systems, and routine maintenance. If you want to keep your new car, truck, or SUV running like new, check out Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth today.

Paint, Buffing, and Body Work

Dealerships are well-funded and have all of the latest equipment when it comes to working on your vehicle. Not only do dealerships have state-of-the-art service departments, but they often also have top-notch body shops. At Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth, our trained technicians specialize in repairing damage when a car has been in an accident resulting in dents, scratches, or worse. We can accommodate vehicles that have been in accidents but have not been deemed a total loss.

Our technicians can restore cars to new by replacing exterior and interior parts, fixing dents and scratches, and adding finishing touches such as a new paint job. Regardless of how big or small the job is, we can replace side-view mirrors, repair damaged rims, reupholster torn seats, and more. When your vehicle requires mechanical attention, our team of trained technicians is more than qualified to keep it running like new.

Maintenance, Service, and Repairs

At Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth, our service department has differing levels of technicians assigned to your vehicle based on the level of service required. Some handle all of the routine maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, topping off or changing out fluids, checking your brakes, replacing belts, and more. Other mechanics are responsible for more in-depth repairs such as diagnosing drivetrain issues, replacing computer components, performing tuneups, and more.

When your vehicle encounters significant issues such as transmission troubles, broken timing chains, and failed water or fuel pumps, just to name a few, we’ll call in a master technician to provide the necessary repairs and restore your car to the manufacturer’s specifications. By ensuring your vehicle is performing up to the standards set by the manufacturer, we give you peace of mind that it’s safe to operate. This allows you to have confidence in your vehicle’s ability to get you where you need to go.

The Hiley Hyundai Advantage

Taking your car, truck, or SUV to your local dealership for maintenance and repairs has some significant advantages. One of the most problematic aspects of leaving your vehicle with a mechanic is time. With work, school, kids, and errands to run, it can be challenging to set aside the time to leave your vehicle in the shop.

Hiley Hyundai understands how busy your life can be and works hard to provide you with the quickest service possible without sacrificing the quality of work being performed. We have provisions in place to provide for your transportation needs while your vehicle is undergoing repairs covered under warranty. The number of technicians and structured work environment of our service department contributes to a quick turnaround for getting you back on the road.

We also provide you with technicians who know your vehicle inside and out, the equipment and parts necessary to handle any repair, and guaranteed services. The certified technicians working in our service department have undergone extensive training to become experts in their field and continue to train as automotive technology advancements drive forward. This ensures that your vehicle will receive the best of the best when it comes to experience, knowledge, and skill.

Parts on Hand

Another Hiley Hyundai advantage over independent mechanics is an on-site parts department. Our parts department is an internal warehouse with many parts specific to your vehicle’s make and model. With parts on hand, we don’t have to order or wait for commonly used parts to be delivered. Whereas, independent shops will most likely have to order the necessary parts from the dealership to do repairs. This advantage adds to Hiley Hyundai’s efficiency and contributes to the overall time and cost savings that are passed on to you.

Hiley Hyundai Amenities

Though independent mechanics can sometimes use aftermarket parts and provide you with a more cost-effective solution, there are no amenities you can take advantage of, such as alternative transportation, certification in the latest technology of your vehicle, or having luxurious waiting areas for you to enjoy. At Hiley Hyundai, we’re capable of giving you access to all of these amenities and more. You’ll be pampered when you bring your vehicle to us for service, where you can enjoy comfy waiting areas, clean restrooms, vending machines, televisions, free Wi-Fi, free coffee, and often free pastries or snacks.

Whether or not you take advantage of Hiley Hyundai’s services is ultimately your decision to make, but you could be sacrificing quality for cost when it comes to this decision. Though a dealership is known to be a little more pricey in some aspects, you can trust that the necessary expertise to maintain or repair your vehicle can be found there. When your car, truck, or SUV is still covered under its warranty, there is no question as to where you should have it serviced.

Since significant repairs are typically covered under warranty, Hiley Hyundai can save you tremendous amounts of cash when considering your budget. No matter if your car requires routine maintenance, body work, or major mechanical repairs, we provide you with certified technicians, factory parts, guaranteed work, and the amenities to make your visit an enjoyable one.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best service for your vehicle. Bring it to Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth and rest assured that you and your vehicle are in good hands. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost and wind up regretting that decision down the road. Your vehicle deserves to be just as pampered as you are, and when you make an effort to have it maintained, it will, in turn, take care of you by getting you, your family, and your stuff where you need to go efficiently and safely.

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