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Welcome to Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth, Texas. The Hiley family has been proudly serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for generations, and we want you to know that your family is important to ours. That’s why when you bring in your vehicle to trade it in you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll be treated with respect and receive a fair and equitable offer on your trade-in.

Over our long history, we’ve encountered many questions about the process of trading in your vehicle. We’d like to take a moment and let you know what you can expect from Hiley Hyundai, as well as dispel some common myths and misconceptions.

How Do I Trade in My Vehicle?

The process is a simple one. You begin by bringing in your vehicle. This may sound absurd, but occasionally a customer will arrive without the vehicle in question. While we don’t need the vehicle on hand to begin the process, we will need to look at your vehicle first before committing to a trade-in value.

That’s because we will need to assess the condition of your trade-in. One of our professional appraisers will inspect the vehicle inside and out, and then take it for a brief test drive. They will then take their findings, ask you a few questions regarding your vehicle’s history, and then input their results into our system to come up with an accurate price.

You are not obligated to sell or trade your vehicle with us at any time. If you aren’t comfortable with our offer you are free to seek out a private sale elsewhere. We realize that a private sale will sometimes get you more money for your vehicle.

Why Should I Trade in My Vehicle?

As we just said, we realize you could get more for your vehicle if you sell it privately. That is the nature of our business. We buy at dealer wholesale because we will need to make money on the transaction. So if you want or need to get more for your trade we are happy to let you sell your vehicle privately and purchase your new car from us as a separate transaction.

Before you make your decision, you should know that many of our customers have tried this approach and return to us, frustrated with the process. Too often they say they are overwhelmed with running ads, answering calls, meeting potential buyers, and fielding low-ball offers.

The process to sell your vehicle takes time, and that’s a commodity we all value. You might receive a little less from us than you would get through a private sale, but when you factor in the time and money spent trying to sell your car, you’ll find the convenience of trading in with us to be worth it.

Can I Trade in My Car if I Still Owe Money on It?

The answer to this question is yes. If you still owe money on an existing car loan, we are happy to take your trade. Our finance team will work with you to determine the best solution. Once the transaction is complete we will handle all of the paperwork as well.

What if I Owe More Than My Car Is Worth?

That’s okay. If you find yourself “upside-down” on your existing car loan we can help. This is a more common occurrence than you might think. Our finance team will present options to you that can overcome this. In fact, if you owe more than your car is worth, you are better off trading it in rather than selling it privately.

What Should I Do Before I Bring in My Vehicle To Trade?

When you’re selling a car privately you’ll want to clean it up as much as possible. Many people spend hundreds of dollars “prepping” their vehicle for sale. This isn’t necessary with Hiley Hyundai trade-ins. Putting a shine on your vehicle or detailing the inside won’t add value to your trade. Our appraiser will assess your vehicle as though this was already done.

You should bring in your service history. No detail is too small, because how you treated your vehicle matters to its value. Receipts for oil changes, regular maintenance, and any repairs done along the way are helpful.

What About Repairs?

It isn’t necessary to make repairs to your vehicle before bringing it in for an appraisal. Significant repairs should be taken care of before coming in to make sure that the vehicle is safe. We consider repairs, but at a lower cost because our cost is lower. Minor defects and repairs have very little impact on your trade value.

What Is My Trade Worth?

We can help you answer that question. If you are just beginning the process but aren’t ready to buy a new car yet, you can simply go online and fill out our Trade Value Form. We’ll give you an estimate, free of charge. Bear in mind you will still need to bring your vehicle in for inspection to get an actual offer, but you’ll know going in roughly what your trade-in value is. This is an important piece of the puzzle as it plays a role in how much you will need to finance.

If you’ve already done your research on your trade and have an idea of what vehicle you’d like to purchase, we can make the trade process simple with our online Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. Our system links with Kelley Blue Book and will ask all the relevant questions about your vehicle to determine its value.

You’ll need your VIN to get started, and once you’ve completed the questionnaire you’ll be given an instant cash offer. It’s that simple. Now all you have to do is bring in your vehicle with the offer and we will honor that toward the purchase of a new or used vehicle. The offer is good for seven days, so be certain you’re ready before completing the questionnaire.

Ready to Trade?

At Hiley Hyundai, we want you to drive off with the car of your dreams. Often that means you bring in the last car of your dreams to trade. We promise to treat you with respect and give you the best value possible for your trade-in. Feel free to stop into our dealership on West Freeway in Fort Worth, or you can browse our extensive inventory online anytime.