Let Us Buy Your Car In Fort Worth, TX

The most common way people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area sell cars (and we acquire them) is by trading them in when buying new ones. When selling a car without buying another, people think they must sell to the private market, but we’re always looking for great cars to buy. Why not sell to a dealership? If you have a quality automobile, we want it at Hiley Hyundai. It’s a good time to sell it, too.
According to Cars.com, used car prices increased 30% over the last year. That’s unprecedented for a depreciating item. If you had an older car worth $10,000 last year and chose not to sell it, it’s now worth $13,000. Sell it. Forbes warns that, like all bubbles, this one will soon burst. The pandemic-based reasons that caused the spike in value are receding, for which we are immensely thankful. No time is better than now to sell that automobile. So if you’re in Weatherford, Benbrook, North Richland Hills, Westover Hills, or nearby, bring your possible sale to us for an interview. If you decide not to sell, you have a professional appraisal to show to potential buyers. That’s a powerful negotiating tool for you.2021 Hyundai Venue

Why Sell to a Dealership?

Have you ever sold a car on your own? When it goes well, you must photograph your car, advertise it, field multiple offers, drive with a stranger, and handle the paperwork yourself. It takes several hours at best. Unfortunately, it’s only gotten worse. Seller beware. An online listing is a lock to be jimmied for scammers. They’ll use your information to steal from you. People who come to your home to see your car might only be looking for ways to break in later. Things can get dangerous if the deal turns into a disagreement. All those problems can occur before you even receive payment.
Bring your car to us, even if you still owe on it, and the process is much simpler. We inspect cars all day, every day. We’ll swiftly decide if we’ll buy your car, make an offer on paper, and cut a check if you accept. We’ll handle all the paperwork. That’s something else we do all day. Then you head away with payment and without your vehicle. Hours or days become minutes. Don’t forget to arrange for a ride home.
Keep in mind, if you choose to trade your car and purchase another, the value is subtracted from the taxable amount of your purchase. You’ll save money on taxes. If you sell your car for cash then buy another, you pay full sales tax on the purchase.

Why Sell to Hiley Hyundai Of Fort Worth?

The Hiley family has been putting drivers in seats since our founder Randy moved to Fort Worth to work at his uncle’s dealership in 1967. In 1990, he opened his own dealership. Along with his sons Jason and Matt, he now owns 14 dealerships in Texas and Alabama. The family concept extends to our employees and clients. Our people work for us to care for their families. Our customers need safety and transportation for their families. We have buyers for life because we respect their priorities.
If you’ve been shopping around, you can clearly see two types of dealerships out there: the type with an ever-changing name and the family ones. Family dealerships stick around long after the transaction. They refuse to stock low-quality used vehicles that the other guys will polish and sell. We scrutinize trades we receive. All but the best get sold to auction and never see our lot. You need to be satisfied with your experience at Hiley Hyundai now and years from now. Today you need to sell your car. Tomorrow you remember how professional we made the process.

What Should You Bring?

No need to snap and post pictures. No responding to texts or emails. Just bring it down here. You need to bring th

Auto Trade In

e title, registration, and identification. If you’re still making payments, no problem. Bring a recent statement or have your account number and your lender’s phone number. If anyone else is on the title or loan, they need to be present.
That’s it. Washing and vacuuming aren’t required, but it does’t hurt the value. You don’t need to bring service records, but bring them if you have them. All buyers like to know the seller cared for the machine. Bring all the key fobs. Know what your vehicle’s worth and keep realistic expectations. If you would like to get an idea of your trade in value check out our Value Your Trade page. We will make a fair and informed offer, not a crazy number. We’ll cut a check right away and it won’t bounce. Be careful taking checks from internet strangers.

What if You Still Love Your Car?

Everyone in the Hiley Automotive Group knows that a car is not just a car. When saying hello or saying goodbye, our hearts and cars are close together. Your car has taken you to important places. It’s carried precious people and cargo. It’s hard to part. We understand.
If our offer isn’t enough to convince you, keep your car. The appraisal only took minutes and you have no obligation. May you and your car have more happy years together. If you choose to sell, know we will detail your baby and connect it to another happy driver. Perhaps something on the lot catches your eye and you decide to talk about it.
Are you selling your car because you don’t think you can afford it? Is it costing too much to fuel or maintain? You might find financial relief without losing mobility by trading your car for something more economical. It’s often said the most expensive car is the cheapest one. We’ll help you decide if an upgrade is a better idea than just selling. We’ve been helping car owners around the Dallas-Forth Worth area make smart decisions for themselves and their families for decades. Bring your car down to us or contact us today.