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The automotive market is more diverse than ever, with vehicles of all shapes and sizes competing to appeal to as many types of drivers as possible. Despite people arguably having more choices than ever, the classic sedan is still popular with many drivers, mainly because it’s the ideal blend of performance, elegance, and comfort. Regardless of your goals when getting a new vehicle, there are plenty of reasons to consider a pre-owned sedan.

General Benefits of Buying a Pre-owned Vehicle

Some of the reasons why getting a thoroughly-inspected used vehicle is a good idea are:

  1. You’re likely to save money when buying it. Although it’s probably obvious, it’s still worth mentioning: buying a pre-owned vehicle will cost you a lot less than it would if it was new. Cars usually lose about 20% of their value with each passing year, so you can really find one that’s only two or three years old for half its original price. Since a well-maintained vehicle is basically as good as new after a few years, you’d be getting a bargain.
  2. You’ll save more money after buying it. Besides being significantly less expensive than a new vehicle, getting a used one can also help you save in different ways. A car’s insurance premium is usually calculated based on its perceived value, meaning that you’ll be paying a lot less for a used one, compared to an identical new one. 
  3. You can get a better model. If you’ve decided to buy a particular make and model, you can get a pre-owned one with more features and amenities for the same price. Due to the earlier-mentioned depreciation and the fact that extra features don’t influence a pre-owned vehicle’s price as much as they do for a new one, you can get extra features like a more powerful engine and modern active safety features.
  4. You can thoroughly research the model you want to buy. When a new model hits the market, it may look great and have fancy tech features, but it’s impossible to predict the specific issues that model may have in a few years’ time. When getting a pre-owned one, you have years of research and user reviews to study when making your decision, helping you find a model with as few common flaws as possible.
  5. You can get a great resale price. A vehicle’s price depreciation curve is usually steep for the first few years and tends to gradually slow down as years go by. If you eventually decide to sell your pre-owned vehicle, you’re likely to avoid a big loss, as its sale price will probably be reasonably close to the price you paid to get it.
  6. It’s better for the environment. Buying a pre-owned vehicle isn’t only beneficial for you and your budget, but also for the world around you. Building a new vehicle is a highly complex process that involves plenty of resources and employees and has a significant environmental impact. When buying a used one, you’re not creating a burden on the environment caused by building a new car from scratch.

Specific Reasons for Buying a Pre-owned Sedan

After deciding that buying a pre-owned vehicle is the right step for you, it’s time to decide on a specific vehicle type to suit your needs. These are some of the reasons why getting a pre-owned sedan is a great choice:

They’re affordable. When choosing a sedan instead of an SUV or truck, you’re likely to be getting an excellent vehicle for a lower price. The reason why sedans are usually less expensive is that they don’t require as much material, as their bodies are smaller and their ride height is lower.

They’re agile. If you’re looking for a vehicle with great handling and acceleration but also with enough space to comfortably fit a few other people and their luggage, a sedan is probably the best choice. Their low ride height makes them way more agile than SUVs and their aerodynamic shape helps them get excellent acceleration.

They provide better fuel economy. Sedans are not only quicker and have better handling than trucks and SUVs, but they also usually consume less fuel. The main reason for that is their lighter weight and, besides helping save even more money in the long run, you’ll also be helping the environment.

They’re great to customize. If you want to have a vehicle that’s uniquely yours, there are plenty of ways you can customize both its appearance and performance. You’re likely to have more options on a pre-owned model, as more customization options probably appeared since it was initially launched on the market, and sedans are widely considered to be ideal vehicles to customize.

Reasons for Buying a Pre-owned Sedan from a Certified Dealer

When you’re looking to buy a pre-owned sedan, it’s usually a good idea to get one from a trusted dealer like Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth. Some of the reasons for that are:

You’re more likely to get a good price. Dealerships generally do a good job when correctly valuing their pre-owned vehicles. Their whole process is usually transparent and you won’t be at risk of paying good money on a vehicle that’s likely to suffer a steep loss in value.

All pre-owned vehicles in their inventory are thoroughly inspected. Respected dealerships care about their reputation and go through a great deal of effort to make sure that every car on their lot is in excellent condition. 

The process is faster. When buying from a trusted dealership, you’re likely to encounter a streamlined process that will have you driving back from the lot in your new pre-owned sedan.

The classic sedan will probably never go out of style, due to the unique way it manages to blend looks, performance, elegance, and comfort. If you’re looking to buy a pre-owned sedan that will serve you well for many years to come, contact us and schedule a visit to Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth, and you can browse through our selection to find the right one for you.

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