What Is Hyundai’s Blue Link?

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The Hyundai Blue Link system gives you an enhanced level of control over your vehicle. You can use voice commands inside the car or with your home assistant to access special features. The online portal and app provide similar functionality, helping you manage all your car’s needs as efficiently as possible. Included with a complimentary subscription in many vehicles, Hyundai Blue Link can transform the way you take care of your car. View our extensive inventory of new Hyundai vehicles or give us a call at 817-367-4000 to learn more today!

Hyundai Blue Link Availability In Fort Worth, TX

Hyundai Blue Link Tech

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The Hyundai Blue Link System debuted on the 2012 Hyundai Veloster. This feature has been available on most Hyundai models released since. Functionality varies with the vehicle, as some services require specific features, such as a touch screen or GPS navigation system in the car. Hyundai Blue Link is included as a complimentary standard feature on most new Hyundai models and is usually available free of charge for the first three years. After that time, the driver must start a paid subscription to continue enjoying the features of this service.

Hyundai Blue Link Packages

There are three packages available with the Hyundai Blue Link system:

  • Connected Care Package: This package includes all the basics that you need to take care of your vehicle. With it, you’ll enjoy service reminders and service scheduling right in your vehicle. Diagnostic alerts and a monthly vehicle health report let you know if anything is amiss. Should you need extra help, enhanced roadside assistance is included as well.
  • Remote Package: With the Remote Package, you can control your vehicle from afar. Use Remote Start with Climate Control to start your vehicle and adjust the temperature up to 10 minutes before you leave. This gives you ample time to adequately heat or cool the interior for a comfortable ride. You can lock and unlock the car remotely as well to easily let kids or friends pop into the vehicle to get what they need and lock things up again afterward.
  • Guidance Package: Streamline travel with features that let you save your favorite locations and easily search for new ones. Destination Search by Voice provides a hands-free way to explore new cities. Access your top destinations from the MyHyundai App or Google.

Blue Link and Google Home or Amazon Alexa

If you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can pair this with your Blue Link Remote Package subscription to make managing your vehicle even easier. This allows you to activate select Blue Link features using your voice. You must connect your Blue Link account to the home assistant and provide your Blue Link pin verbally. This connectivity is available with select 2015 and 2016 vehicles and all 2017 or later Hyundai vehicles.

Your home assistant allows voice-controlled commands to:

  • Start the vehicle.
  • Start or stop charging.
  • Set the interior of the vehicle to a specific temperature.
  • Lock or unlock the vehicle.
  • Activate the horn and lights.
  • Send addresses to the vehicle.

Blue Link Car Finder

In the Blue Link mobile app, you can activate the car finder feature, which eliminates the need to search vast parking lots for your vehicle. Simply enter your pin, and the location of your vehicle will appear on the screen. When you get close to your car, you can use the horn and lights feature to make your car even easier to find. This feature works anywhere within a one-mile radius of your vehicle.

Blue Link Emergency Assistance

The SOS button on your rearview mirror connects you with a Blue Link customer care specialist with one tap. These specialists are available for 24 hours every day of the year. The vehicle sends your location to the operator so you’re safe and protected even if you’re not sure where you are. The specialist can contact emergency assistance and your emergency contact for you and stay on the line with you until help arrives. This feature provides added peace of mind whether you’re the driver or you’re equipping a vehicle for your loved one.

Blue Link Stolen Vehicle Recovery

If your car is stolen, Blue Link Stolen Vehicle Recovery can help you handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. You should file a police report first to get the proper authorities involved. Once you’re finished, call Blue Link support at 855-225-8354. A representative will take your name, Blue Link PIN, and police report number. The specialist will then contact the police directly to assist them in recovering your vehicle.

Blue Link GPS technology makes it possible to locate your car quickly and dispatch police to the location. Blue Link representatives can even assist authorities in pursuing a vehicle that’s still in motion. When safe, the Blue Link specialist can even slow or disable the vehicle entirely. This specialist can notify you when your vehicle has been retrieved and is ready for pickup.

Blue Link Safeguard Alerts

Blue Link’s Safeguard Alerts allow you to set restrictions for your vehicle’s use. If you leave your car with a valet, you can use this feature to set an alert if it goes beyond your chosen distance. This allows you to enjoy your outing in peace, knowing that your car is safe and secure.

This feature is also ideal for teen drivers. You can set safeguard alerts that let you know if the vehicle:

  • Exceeds a pre-set speed.
  • Leaves a predetermined geo-fenced area.
  • Enters a restricted geo-fenced area.
  • Is used during determined curfew hours.

Managing Blue Link Subscriptions

Your initial Blue Link subscription is likely included with your vehicle purchase. At the MyHyundai website, you can access detailed information regarding the status of your subscription. When your complimentary Blue Link period ends, you can easily renew for a monthly fee. The online portal also allows you to:

  • Check your vehicle’s health.
  • Locate a Hyundai dealer.
  • Schedule car care appointments.
  • Set up a monthly car health email.
  • Input emergency contacts.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of Hyundai Blue Link yourself, you’ll find many vehicles equipped with this feature at Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth. Stop in and speak with one of our sales representatives about finding the best new vehicle for your needs.

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