How does Hyundai’s Dynamic Voice Recognition System work?

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Here at Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth, we’re proud to share Hyundai’s global innovative philosophy. When you buy a Hyundai, you’re not just getting a car — you’re getting a way of life, one dedicated to reaching new heights of innovation and luxury. An exciting new feature of certain Hyundai models is the Dynamic Voice Recognition System. Keep reading to learn what this technology is, what it includes, and how it works.

What Is Hyundai’s Dynamic Voice Recognition System?Hyundai's Dynamic Voice Recognition System

Hyundai’s Dynamic Voice Recognition System is a hands-free tool that connects you to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Available in select models of the 2021 Elantra and Elantra Hybrid, this technological feature improves the voice-activated search features found in many automobiles. While the system is currently only available in the Elantra line, the partnership between Hyundai and SoundHound, the company that created the technology, is ongoing, so this feature might expand to other models. The Dynamic Voice Recognition system uses innovative technology to answer your questions and provide you with information. Here are some features of this system:

Voice AI by SoundHound

The Dynamic Voice Recognition System is the only voice-enabled automobile system powered by SoundHound’s Voice AI. SoundHound, a leading voice recognition company, has brought its innovative artificial intelligence technology to Hyundai’s new cars, creating the perfect blend of technology and style. The AI components of the system allow your car’s technology to process information quickly and provide context to your questions. It can even learn your common commands and questions, so if you say a partial sentence or question, it can complete the sentence based on what you typically ask.

Cloud-Based Domains

Since the Dynamic Voice Recognition System connects to cloud resources, it has access to virtually unlimited information. The system can find information about current weather conditions, stock market prices, local restaurants, travel times, and a host of other topics. With the cloud constantly updating, you can feel confident that you’re getting the most recent information from the system. To access this information, you’ll need a Hyundai Bluelink account, and these functions only work when you’re in an area with Bluelink coverage.

Natural Language Technologies

Traditional voice recognition technology can sometimes struggle with conversational language, which can lead to a frustrating experience for users. That’s not the case with the Dynamic Voice Recognition System. This innovative technology uses logic to decode conversation and respond in the same way as the speaker. It works quickly, too, which keeps drivers from being distracted while driving, ensuring a safer experience for them and the other drivers on the road.

User-Friendly Operations

One key strength of the Dynamic Voice Recognition System is that it’s built specifically for drivers, rather than being a smartphone accessory enabled for automotive use. Since it’s geared toward drivers, it prioritizes common driving instructions and provides prompts for the driver. For example, if you ask the Dynamic Voice Recognition System to find coffeehouses with outdoor seating in the area, it will find a list of locations. You can select one by saying the line entry, and then the system will ask you if you want to navigate to that location.

Car Controls

Since the Dynamic Voice Recognition Software engineers built it to fit your Hyundai model specifically, you can use it to control more than the entertainment system and communications. It’s not just a Bluetooth integration, although it does have calling options. You can use this tool to adjust your air conditioning or heating levels, open your lift gate, and set other functions inside your car.

How Does the Dynamic Voice Recognition System Work?

The Dynamic Voice Recognition System is built to be used without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel. This feature enhances safety by preventing collisions and lane wandering. Here’s how to use the features of the Dynamic Voice Recognition System:


The first step is to activate the Dynamic Voice Recognition System by pressing the button on the steering wheel, located near the cruise control and infotainment buttons. This feature allows you to start the Dynamic Voice Recognition System while idling or driving with equal security. Once you press the button, the software will start up automatically.

Ask a Question or Give a Command

After the system starts up, you can state your question or command and the system will react. If you say a general command, like “Sound,” the system will display all of the different commands that relate to that word, like “Increase sound,” or “Sound tuning menu.” When these options display on the monitor, choose the line number to select that command.

Respond to Prompts

Depending on your command, the Dynamic Voice Recognition System might ask you some follow-up questions or ask you to clarify what you’ve said. For example, if you say “Call John,” the system might ask you to select which John in your address book you want to call. It may also ask you if you want to navigate to a specific location after you ask the system to find it. Answer “Yes” or “No” to any questions it asks.

Follow the Instructions or Listen to Your Answer

If you asked the Dynamic Voice Recognition System a question, like, “What’s the chance of rain in Fort Worth today?” the system might answer with a few sentences predicting the answer to your question. You can then keep driving until you need to ask another question, at which point you press the activation button again. If you asked for navigation assistance, the system will give you audio directions and display your route on the screen.

If you want to know more about this impressive new feature in Hyundai’s Elantra line, stop by our lot for a test drive to try it yourself! Our Hyundai experts are happy to talk to you about all the exciting possibilities of this new technology. You can also read our reviews to see how we’ve been helping Fort Worth customers just like you find their perfect car since 2015.



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