Hyundai Is Creating Solar Charging Vehicle Technology

November 20th, 2018 by

Vehicles need some kind of energy to run, whether it comes from fossil fuels, electricity, or hydrogen. Now, even the sun can be a fuel source. Hyundai has announced its plans to work with Kia Motors to produce solar charging vehicle technology.

This technology utilizes electricity-generating solar panels that would be integrated into a vehicle’s roof or hood. It won’t be exclusive to hybrid vehicles and could be used to provide additional power for internal combustion vehicles as well.

Hyundai is currently working on three types of charging systems: a silicon solar roof system, a semi-transparent solar roof system, and a lightweight solar-lid for the vehicle’s body. The silicon solar roof system is for hybrid models and would position on a vehicle’s normal roof. Depending on weather conditions, this system can charge 30 to 60 percent of the battery’s capacity in a day.

Internal combustion vehicles could use the semi-transparent solar roof system. This system would be applied to a panoramic sunroof to maintain transparency while still charging the vehicle’s battery. The solar panels would help increase a vehicle’s fuel economy and reduce its CO2 emissions.

The third system, the lightweight solar lid, is currently in a pilot study. It mounts solar panels to both the roof and hood to maximize energy efficiency.

It will be quite some time before Hyundai vehicles utilize solar energy, but the automaker currently offers a selection of eco-friendly, hybrid, and EV models in its lineup, which you can find at Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth.

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