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One of the more popular vehicle brands on the market today is Hyundai. In 2019, Hyundai became the third-largest automaker in the world only after Toyota and Volkswagen. Part of the Hyundai Motor Group based out of South Korea, the cars made under the Hyundai name offer features such as sleek designs, reliability, and loads of safety features.

The makes and models discussed below have a five-star rating from the 2019 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is the highest rating a vehicle can receive from this organization. Having this level of safety gives consumers confidence that they and their families can drive to and from their destination safely. Let’s look at four of the more popular Hyundai cars and several of their safety features.

The Elantra

One of Hyundai’s most popular models is the Elantra. This affordable, compact sedan is ideal for college students and working professionals. The car has plenty of passenger space along with ample cargo space and, on the highway, most of the Elantra vehicles get 30 to 40 mpg.

Safety features include Blind Spot Detection along with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Sensors built into the rear bumper scan for approaching vehicles that are often hidden by the blind spot in the car. When the sensors detect a vehicle approaching, whether driving down the highway or backing out of a parking spot, audio and visual alerts are sent to the outside mirrors to help you avoid a collision.

Another great safety feature of the Elantra is the Lane Keeping Assist and the Lane Change Assist. Cameras mounted on the outside of the car can detect sensors embedded in the road lane monitors. If the car starts to drift beyond the lane marking sensors, an audio and visual alert warns you. Should the drift become dangerous, like veering into traffic in the other lane, the Lane Keeping Assist intervenes with the steering control to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane.

The Santa Fe

This popular SUV recently underwent modifications and a re-design for the 2019-2020 models. The Hyundai Santa Fe is a great vehicle option for families with five seats and a large cargo area. In 2019, several new safety features were added, making the vehicle highly desirable as a family car. In addition to the safety features found in the Elantra and most other Hyundai models, the Santa Fe offers a host of smart technology to help keep you safe on the road and gets about 37 mpg for highway driving.

The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist detects when a vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian is too close to the moving car. Once the technology detects an object that is too close, an audio and visual alert warns you. If the sensors detect an imminent crash, the Collision-Avoidance Assist overrides the drivers’ control and the technology applies the brakes to prevent forward movement.

The Driver Attention Alert utilizes a camera mounted on the windshield to constantly monitor the position of the car. The technology within the camera analyzes driving patterns and steering corrections, and if it detects variables within the patterns, an audio and visual alert lets you know you are fatigued and should consider pulling over and rest or have another driver take over.

The Sonata

This large sedan is ideal for those looking for a luxury vehicle at an affordable price. With four trim styles, the Hyundai Sonata offers between 35 to 38 mpg when driven on the highway. Along with the same safety features offered in the Elantra and Santa Fe, the Sonata also has a Surround View Monitor that gives you a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle. This monitor provides substantial visibility in all directions, helping you from driving over items in the road or backing into objects.

Another great safety feature of the Sonata and other Hyundai models is the Advanced Smart Parking Assist Systems. This advanced safety feature does the parking and gives you parking options — Reverse Parking, Parallel Parking, or Parallel Exit. Push the desired mode, and the vehicle maneuvers into place without the driver having to touch anything. Some models feature a parking assist system that comes with a remote so you can park the car without being inside of it.

The Accent

The very popular Accent, somewhere between a compact and sub-compact style, is perfect for city driving and those on a budget. With a sleek design, plenty of modern technology, and lots of safety features, the Accent gets about 28 mpg for city driving and about 37 mpg for highway driving.

The Hyundai Accent comes with six airbags to help protect you in an accident. The driver and front-seat passenger each have their own airbag, and there are two side airbags. The ceiling is also equipped with two curtain airbags to protect the occupants’ heads during a rollover.

The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist helps to prevent front-end collisions, and the Stability Management System, Electronic Stability Control, and Traction Control Systems help to keep the car stable in all driving conditions.

The Brake Assist System helps apply the necessary pressure to each brake to prevent the brakes from locking up and the car going into a slide. Under high-pressure braking, such as stepping hard on the brakes to avoid a collision, the Brake Assist System boosts the brakes power, and the anti-locking brake system helps to ensure the driver maintains control under emergency braking.

With so many safety features and the use of smart technology, it’s no wonder that Hyundai vehicles are such a popular choice.

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