Local Arcades To Visit In Fort Worth, TX

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Sometimes you want to celebrate your competitive spirit with your friends. What better way to do that than with a trip to an arcade? Arcades are popular with kids because they can play games and compete in a safe space, where fun is the main objective. Luckily, arcades aren’t just for kids anymore. Arcades and game spaces for adults involve the same frivolous spirit we all know and love. In Fort Worth, Texas, there is plenty of fun and games to be had for all ages at these local arcades.

Free Play Ft. Worth

Free Play Ft. Worth is an arcade dedicated to preserving the old-school atmosphere of a classic arcade. It only hosts free-standing arcade games with real hardware. That includes games like Pong, Mario Kart, Fix-It Felix, Jr., and Skee-Ball. The emphasis on quality games makes it an authentic arcade experience. Free Play Ft. Worth also has a full bar that serves beer, wine, and cocktails. The bar also has a full menu with hot-pressed sandwiches and flatbreads and was voted the Best of Fort Worth 2020 by Fort Worth Magazine.

Kids are welcome in Free Play Ft. Worth, but an adult must accompany them if they are under 18, and the arcade is closed to them by 9 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays. This gives them enough time to play Pong to their heart’s content and still leave the patios open for bar patrons at night. You can find Free Play Ft. Worth at 1311 Lipscomb St.

Battle Axes

Battle Axes is a fun new game space where you can host events or a happy hour with friends. It’s an ax-throwing arena where you can learn how to throw axes at a bulls-eye while having a few beers with friends. This game has recently picked up popularity because of its laid-back atmosphere and simple rules.

The staff at Battle Axes can help you learn how to hold your ax to throw it with the most precision, and they can help you understand the game. This is the perfect place for team bonding with coworkers or friends, and you can set up reservations for your entire party.

This venue opened in May 2020 at 6050 US-67 Suite 210 in nearby Alvarado, and it was one of the first forays into the new sport in the area. It’s open on Thursday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight.

Stockyards Gunfighter

Stockyards Gunfighter is an all-virtual gun range in Fort Worth. It’s perfect for kids because there is no live fire. Instead, this gun range relies on simulators and laser technology to create shooting games the whole family can enjoy. You can train and practice the realistic simulations once used in police and military training. There is no need to bring your equipment or protection either because Stockyards Gunfighter has everything you need.

Stockyards Gunfighter is a tiny veteran-owned business started by Jack B. Mills, a retired sergeant with 33 years of service. He has created an entertaining gunslinging adventure where you can choose between out-of-this-world missions like the “Sci-Fi Rescue Mission” and “Become a Zombie Exterminator” programs. You can participate in all the gun-slinging you can handle at Stockyards Gunfighter in Rodeo Plaza, next door to the Military Museum of Forth Worth. This place is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday by reservation.

Fun On The Run Paintball Park

Paintball is a great way to get some excitement and exercise with the entire family. Fun On The Run Paintball Park is a paintball course specializing in private games, birthday parties, and events. You get a paintball gun and a supply of paint pellets, and then you are assigned to a team. Your team faces off against another team full of eager paintballers as they try to get paint on you before you can capture their flag.

Fun On The Run has 10 unique playing courses across 40 acres, so you never get bored with playing. There are multilevel structures, buildings, and obstacles to keep the playing field exciting and authentic. Fun On The Run also has hot food, a snack bar, and a picnic area to relax after your game and catch up with your team.

Perfect for an outdoor game day, Fun On The Run Paintball Park is located at 2621 Roberts Cut Off Road in Fort Worth. It’s open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekdays for private reservations only.


KidMania is a play environment that’s perfect for younger kids who want to play, explore and make new friends. It consists of a massive indoor playground with five levels of entertainment that extend to over 25 feet high. The playground includes slides, bungee walls, caves, tunnels, and climbing nets. There is also a toddler area for younger kids so that you can take the whole family.

In addition to the playground, KidMania also offers ArcadiaMania, a section with popular arcade games and chances to win prizes. If your kids love video games, they are bound to find an arcade game they can’t get enough of, and they can earn prize points to redeem later. KidMania has all the classics like skeeball and car-racing arcade games. It’s enough to keep the kids entertained all day.

While the kids are having fun, the parents can relax in the adults-only section with complete visibility of the playrooms. There is also a cafe, so you can refuel before the kids hit the playgrounds again. KidMania is located at 9101 Tehama Ridge Parkway.

Fort Worth, Texas, has an arcade for anyone who loves to play games, shoot at targets, or compete with their friends. If we left off your favorite arcade in town, let us know what we missed. You can look for a new vehicle to take you and your favorite competitors to one of these arcades by stopping by Hiley Hyundai of Fort Worth. We are proud to be a part of such a vibrant community, and we want to help you find a Hyundai that matches your fun-loving spirit.



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