Our Top Favorite Picnic Spots in Fort Worth, TX

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As the weather starts to warm up in Fort Worth, you may be looking to enjoy a peaceful meal outside in nature. Luckily, the city has plenty of quaint picnic spots that you’ll want to check out.

Turtle Creek Park

Turtle Creek Park is a public park that encompasses 24 acres of beautiful landscapes. The calming waters of Turtle Creek are the park’s main attraction, which is incredibly peaceful to enjoy while you eat your meal. Feel free to pack a turkey sandwich or other favorite picnic fare.

If you don’t have time to whip something together, there are plenty of restaurants nearby where you can order takeout. Once you pick up your order, you can take your box or bag with you to one of the park’s waterfalls for a relaxing meal. The park also has plenty of water fountains throughout, so visitors can have a place to top off their water bottles without having to seek refreshment elsewhere.

Flag Pole Hill Park

Flag Pole Hill Park is one of the biggest parks on our list, as it’s more than 100 acres in size. It also has an interesting history, as the Civilian Conservation Corps built it in 1929. Fort Worth residents and other Texan locals have enjoyed visiting this park for picnics for nearly a century, and it remains just as welcoming as it was when it was first built.

You can enjoy a daytime picnic on one of the park’s picnic tables. You’re sure to find an open one, as there are dozens located throughout the park. If you’re not quite ready to face the heat yet, you can take shelter under the park’s covered pavilion. This pavilion, which was an addition to the park in the 1930s, offers a great shelter where you can enjoy your meal away from the sun’s rays.

Once you finish your food, you can take a post-meal walk on the park’s walking trail, or you can organize a game of soccer or kickball thanks to the park’s ample amount of open green space. There’s even an all-inclusive playground that the little ones can use to burn off some energy.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Fort Worth Water Gardens is a neat spot nestled between the historic buildings of downtown Fort Worth. Even though the city itself is bustling, you can find some tranquility in Fort Worth Water Gardens. The calming sounds of flowing water dominate this area, which makes the perfect backdrop for your picnic. Fort Worth Water Gardens has three pools of interest, which are the Active Pool, the Quiet Pool, and the Aerating Pool.

Two accomplished New York architects, John Burgee and Philip Johnson, designed this particular area of downtown Fort Worth. These professionals built the park with unique sculptures, towering walls, and fountains that create memorable scenery. Visitors can explore these creations up close by using the designated paths.

If you come to the park to eat, you can set up your meal on one of the park’s many benches or picnic tables. If you have a larger crowd with you, you can find an empty spot and lay down a blanket anywhere on the spacious lawn.

Veterans Park

Veterans Park is a 103-acre park that offers a great environment for having a picnic. You can bring a meal to eat near the Xeriscape or Wildscape gardens. While you can have a more authentic picnic experience by eating on the grass, you can also sit under the pavilion at one of the picnic tables. There are grills available that you can use to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, or whatever food you bring that’s not already prepared.

Once you finish eating, you don’t have to pack up and go home. Veterans Park offers plenty to do, such as an 18-hole disc golf course, equestrian trails, a hiking trail, and two playgrounds for children of varying ages. There’s also a stage where local performers sometimes put on shows during the day and in the evening.

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge is a great spot to enjoy a meal with your family outside. The refuge allows picnicking only in designated spots, which is ideal for protecting the surrounding wildlife. If you look at the center’s trail map before you start your hike, you can plan out designated places to stop at along the way. This will ensure that you’ll know exactly where you can pull out your food and begin dining without breaking the refuge’s rules.

One of our favorite trails is Caprock, which provides views of beautiful rock formations and provides a bit of a challenge with its steeper incline. If you prefer to travel by water, the area allows visitors to canoe or kayak in the adjacent Lake Worth. There’s a designated paddling trail to ensure visitors don’t get lost along the way.

Capp Smith Park

Capp Smith Park is a beautiful park that contains nine natural springs to marvel at while you eat. While there aren’t any picnic tables, there are plenty of benches that three or four people can sit at to comfortably enjoy their food. If you remember to bring a blanket, you can sprawl out anywhere on Capp Smith Park’s greenery.

After you eat, feel free to stick around to see what Capp Smith Park has to offer. There are workout stations the adults can try out and playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy. If you visit the park between Memorial Day and Labor Day, your kids can cool off and have fun on the Watauga Splash Pad. The park also allows fishing in its stocked lake, so don’t forget to bring your fishing poles. The city encourages fishing on a catch-and-release basis, so you know that there will always be fish in the lake.

Did we miss one of your favorite spots to have a picnic in Fort Worth? We’re always looking for new places to visit, and we’d love to hear about your experiences. Get in touch with us today or visit our dealership to tell us about your favorite picnic spot in Fort Worth.



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